This technique involves measuring power, torque, speed, estimated engine efficiency, troubleshooting machines, power problems, and so on.


Arya Pooyeh Payesh Sanat Company is proud to have specialized in the following areas using the experience of engineers and expert experts.

ESA Electrical Impact Analysis Services

Electrical impact analysis and electromotor power are the most important and fundamental components in the situation monitoring services. This analysis of the entire electrical system comprises the inputs of the power switch in the 10 kV, 6 kV, 600 volts and 400 volts panels and ends with the smallest parts of the motor.

Ultrasonic inspection

In the field of position monitoring, ultrasonic inspection is newer than vibration analysis. However, this type of diagnostics is much older than medicine.

Scheduling tests

Arya Pouyeh Payan Sanat Co. based on the variety of power and rotating equipment and their class and power and on the basis of the recommendations of the reputable manufacturer of weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, seasonal, six-month maintenance and inspection tables and related instructions. Compiles and implements.

Services of vibration analysis

One of the most important controls in monitoring the electrical and mechanical status of Rotary machines and Reciprocating Machines is the vibration analysis of these equipment.

Partial discharge testing machine

Insulation health status by online partial discharge This test is mostly related to the overvoltage of MV electromotors and answers the question of whether or not this electromotor needs overvoltage.